Gear Stick


Graphite Grey

The Volvo PV was created by a team of about forty Volvo employees, and Helmer Petterson, like many other Volvo employees, had a past in the United States. He already worked with motorcycles at Excelsior in Chicago in the 1920s, and during the 1930s he returned to Sweden to work for both GM and Ford dealers. One day he was out on a trip to Skövde, Sweden with Assar Gabrielsson. Petterson then suggested that Volvo should build a small car, and said that he himself had ideas about what such a car would look like.

The first prototype was officially presented on September 1, 1944 in the Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm. However, series production did not start in earnest until February 1947. 

The Volvo PV544E was manufactured between 1963-1964. With a production of a total of 24,200 cars. This was the last model with the characteristic red hubcaps.  

Our example in the color Graphite gray (80) and red interior (50-240) is in good condition. The car has only 3 previous users, all located in Värmland, Sweden. The car was delivered new to "Business Assistant" Gunnar Norén, 1964-01-21. Most of the car is original. Except for the fabric for the front chairs that have been newly replaced. This PV runs really well in the engine and the car comes with many original documents. 


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* We do everything we can to provide as accurate information as possible about our cars. However, we must reserve ourselves for any typos regarding the car's equipment and number of miles driven.