When you buy a car from us, we only accept payment by bank transfer. We do not accept payment by Credit Card card or cash.

To make it easier for you as a customer, we are happy to help you finance your car purchase. Contact us and we will help you with a financing solution that suits you and your car best! * We only offer financing within Sweden

  • 60 Month installment

    On our collector cars and enthusiast vehicles, we offer installments for up to 60 months.

  • 20% Cash

    When financing a collector car or enthusiast vehicle, you as a customer always have to pay 20% in cash contribution.

  • Lösen

    When you choose to finance your car through us, you can redeem your car loan at any time, without any fees



When you buy a collector car from us, we can not provide any guarantee. This is because our cars can be up to 70 years old!
This entails a certain risk of wear and tear and a defect in such an old car.
Instead, we make sure to go through all our cars thoroughly.
This, together with all possible documentation and information, is the basis for you as a customer to feel secure with your purchase.


We provide you with transport of your newly purchased car all the way home to you.
You choose where in the world you want your car delivered. Then we take care of the rest. 

Please contact us for a price suggestion. 

  • Within Sweden

    Truck transport throughout Sweden with open or protected delivery.

  • Europe

    Truck transport throughout Europe with open or protected delivery.

  • North America & Worldwide

    Truck transport from us directly to port. For further boat transport to country of final destination. Boat transport in a container or through Ro-Ro.