We are constantly looking for nice collector cars for our collection.

We have worked with cars for more than 40 years and during these years have gathered invaluable experience with cars of all makes and models. If you have a collector car, sports car, rally car or any other fun enthusiast vehicle manufactured between 1950 – 1999 we are always interested!. Please fill in your information in our contact form below and please attach a picture or two. We will get back to you shortly with a price proposal and plan.



Fill in information about your vehicle in the form below. The more information we receive about your vehicle, the easier it will be for us to analyze and assess. Please let us know what your expected value is.



We then carry out a thorough analysis and assessment of your vehicle. We go through the car's condition and history, which then forms the basis of an offer we can offer you.



We will then get back to you with an offer for your vehicle. If we agree, we will make a payment to your bank account on the same day. When you have received payment, we will pick up your car with transport.

  • -No sales assignments-

    For your security, we do not undertake any sales assignments with expensive and dubious commissions.

  • Warranties

    Vi köper ditt fordon som den är. Du slipper därför eventuellt missnöjda köpare med tidskrävande och dyrbara reklamationer.

  • -Payment-

    In the case of an agreed deal, we pay for your vehicle the same day via bank transfer.

  • -Transport-

    We pick up your vehicle where it is. We are responsible for any transport costs.

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