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tomax is a small family owned company with great passion for historic vehicles.
We have worked with cars since 1978 and with more than 40 years of knowledge we have gained invaluable knowledge and awareness of new and old cars. Read more about our history here..

Today we work almost exclusively with Collectible carsEnthusiast cars and Sports cars that we buy, own and sell
We sell our cars worldwide and we provide shipments throughout all the corners of the earth.

If you are thinking of selling a collector's car, you are welcome to contact us.
We always make a thorough and detailed analysis before we make a bid on your car.
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Collectible cars


<a href="" title="VOLVO AMAZON 123GT – 1968" rel="bookmark">VOLVO AMAZON 123GT – 1968

Till Salu

<a href="" title="VOLVO 142 DE LUXE – 1974" rel="bookmark">VOLVO 142 DE LUXE – 1974


<a href="" title="VOLVO PV SPORT – 1964" rel="bookmark">VOLVO PV SPORT – 1964

Till Salu

<a href="" title="VOLVO AMAZON 123GT – 1967" rel="bookmark">VOLVO AMAZON 123GT – 1967

Till Salu

<a href="" title="VOLVO AMAZON 121 – 1970" rel="bookmark">VOLVO AMAZON 121 – 1970


<a href="" title="BMW 635 CSi – 1986" rel="bookmark">BMW 635 CSi – 1986


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