We are a small family owned business with great passion for fine historic cars. We have worked with cars since 1978, and with more than 40 years in the business we have accumulated invaluable knowledge and familiarity with new and old cars. Read more about our history ..

Today we work almost exclusively with Collector cars, Sports cars and Enthusiast vehicles.
We sell our cars worldwide and we provide shipments throughout all the corners of the earth.
Är du intresserad av att sälja en gammal samlarbil så är du välkommen att höra av dig till oss.
We always make a thorough and detailed analysis before we make a bid on your car.
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Interested in selling your collector car?

If you have a collector car, sports car, rally car or any other fun enthusiast vehicle, we are always interested.
We do not undertake any complicated sales assignments with costly commissions or fees. We will buy your car and pay you the entire purchase price immediately!

<a href="https://tomax.se/en/aston-martin-virage-volante-prototyp-1991/" title="ASTON MARTIN VOLANTE PROTOTYPE – 1991" rel="bookmark">ASTON MARTIN VOLANTE PROTOTYPE – 1991

<a href="https://tomax.se/en/opel-kadett-rallye-app-k-1970/" title="OPEL KADETT RALLYE APP.K – 1970" rel="bookmark">OPEL KADETT RALLYE APP.K – 1970

<a href="https://tomax.se/en/mercedes-benz-300sl-1989/" title="MERCEDES – BENZ 300SL – 1989" rel="bookmark">MERCEDES – BENZ 300SL – 1989

<a href="https://tomax.se/en/volvo-p1800-s-1967/" title="VOLVO P1800 S – 1967" rel="bookmark">VOLVO P1800 S – 1967

<a href="https://tomax.se/en/bmw635csi/" title="BMW 635CSi – 1986" rel="bookmark">BMW 635CSi – 1986

<a href="https://tomax.se/en/volvo-p1800-e-1971-2/" title="VOLVO P1800 E – 1971" rel="bookmark">VOLVO P1800 E – 1971