PV 544E



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The most important reason for further developing of the PV 444 concept, was of an economic nature. The tools for building the body had been paid for long for, and the changes that had to be made to the “new” model cost only around SEK 3 million, compared to the estimated SEK 35 million for a completely new body. A trump in the United States was also the resale value. Already after a few years, Volvo dealers were able to show that a PV 444 during the first year only lost about 8% in value, while an American car lost up to 40% already during the first year.

In 1965, the Indian / Kenyan brothers Singh Safari won the Rally in a Volvo PV. This was fantastic PR for Volvo and the car received a lot of publicity around the world. More about this dizzying story can be read ..

We can now present a really nice example of a Volvo PV544E SPORT from 1964. The car is in really nice condition and gently updated with some nice features such as:
-Adjustable KONI shock absorbers
-Tuned engine to the old group 2 regulations
-Double SU carburetor
-Ac generator
-NOS Rolling Belts
-Wooden wheel (Moto-Lita)
-Measures for charging and Oil pressure
-Black roof (like Volvo's Rally cars)
-Hold Speedpilot and Chronometer
-MiniLite Rims
-Rally / Gravel tires
Denna PV Sport är otroligt pigg och rolig att köra. Är du ute efter en fin och rolig Volvo PV Sport med ”extra allt” så är det här bilen för dig! 
The car comes with a lot of documentation and manuals. Contact us for more information.


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