VOLVO p1800E

Volvo hade tidigare byggt sportbilen Volvo Sport med internbeteckningen P1900, men det var med P1800 som man nådde framgång med sportbilskonceptet. Volvokonsulten och projektledaren Helmer Petterson var drivande för projektets tillblivelse. Bilen ritades av Helmer Pettersons son Pelle Petterson som vid tillfället var praktikant på det italienska designföretaget Frua i Turin… READ MORE

Volvo had previously built the sports car Volvo Sport with the internal designation P1900, but it was with the P1800 that they achieved success with the sports car concept. Volvo consultant and project manager Helmer Petterson was the driving force behind the creation of the project. The car was designed by Helmer Petterson's son Pelle Petterson, who at the time was a trainee at the Italian design company Frua in Turin. The company had been started by Pietro Frua (1913-83) just before World War II, and Frua had a hand in the creation of the P1800. His sixties cars had exactly that typically Italian and sculptural elegance, which also characterizes the P1800.

The P1800 model gained wide popularity through the British TV series the Saint, where Roger Moore drove a white P1800 with the registration number ST 1, where ST apparently stands for Simon Templar (St is also short for Saint or Helgon in Swedish).
The production of the P1800E began in August 1969 and received the new B20E engine with electronic fuel injection. New camshaft and larger intake valves, ZF's M410 gearbox from Volvo164, rear disc brakes, aluminum rims, matte black radiator grill, improved cabin ventilation with discharge on the rear fenders, the fuel filler moved down to the left fender, at the ventilation discharge, new dashboard and lockable compartment inside the cabin.
We can now present a fantastic example of Volvo's P1800 E from 1971. Painted in Gold Metallic (105) with matching beige upholstery (341-766). This P1800E was manufactured in July 1971 and delivered to Claes Nybergs Bil AB in Enköping, Sweden on the 26th of November 1971.

1st OWNER: : 1971-12-01
2nd OWNER: 1981-10-29
3rd OWNER: 1987-03-04
4th OWNER: 2013-08-29

Denna P1800E har under senare år restaurerats i omgångar men mycket av bilens originaldelar är fortfarande kvar på och i bilen. Motorn går fantastiskt bra och är pigg och rapp att köra.  Till bilen medföljer böcker och dokument. Missa inte chansen att bli ägare till en riktig Svensk klassiker och enligt oss, en P1800 i dess bästa utförande!

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PRICE: 379.000SEK

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