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From Volvos Press release of the 123GT 1967:

There have been increased demands during recent years from sporting circles for a factory built "sharper" car in the Volvo 120 series. In order to satisfy these demands, Volvo has further expanded its car programme by producing a GT version of the 120 series. The new car has the designation Volvo 123GT and is fitted with the Volvo B18B engine with an output of 115b.h.p. SAE. In addition to this the car is fitted with a comprehensive range of special equipment.

The Volvo 123GT is fitted with the B version of the B18 engine. This engine type has been renowned all over the world for its dependability, sturdiness and long life as well as for its fuel consumption. The engine output of 115 b.h.p. SAE at 6000 r.p.m. and the torque of 15.5 kgm (112 lb. ft.) at 4000 r.p.m. provides the car with further good speed resources. At the same time it is excellent for use in city traffic because of the excellent tractive effort at low engine speed. The torque curve is very flat.

In order to prevent air from getting into the cooling system and causing rust formation and sludge, the engine is fitted with a sealed cooling system. This gives the anti-freeze a longer life. Anti-freeze is already in the system when the car is supplied from the factory.

In recent years, Volvo's 123GT has become a desirable collector car that is becoming increasingly rare to find. 
We can now present a wonderful and elegant example of Volvo's 123GT from 1967. The car is painted in Dark Green (color code 94) with brown upholstery (425-552). The entire car has been inspected and restored down to the smallest detail and is a delight both in appearance and driving. During the mid-2000, an extensive renovation of the car began. Unfortunately, the owner at that time died, in the middle of the ongoing renovation work. In 2017, the car was purchased from the estate and the new owner continued the extensive renovation work. The engine and rear axle are refurbished at SVIS (Svenska Volvoklubbar i Samverkan) and the car was repainted and treated with paint protection in three stages, with ceramic paint protection. 
Don't miss the chance to become the owner of an incredibly beautiful and elegant example of Volvo's Amazon 123 GT.

PRICE: 445.000sek

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