Volvo Amazon was launched as a successor to the successful Volvo PV and was in comparison with this significantly more modern. The Amazon came in October 1961 in a two-door version and in a five-door version (station wagon) in February 1962. The man behind the design was Jan Wilsgaard. Safety thinking was high already at that time at Volvo, and Amazon already had mounts for seat belts as standard equipment at the premiere.
In 1959, Volvo Amazon became the first series-produced car in the world to have a three-point belt in the front seats as standard equipment, but as early as 1957, the model was prepared for a three-point belt, which could then be obtained as an option. In August 1963, it became possible to buy a 2-door Volvo Amazon with a sports engine in Sweden. Volvo chose to call this model 122 S. Where the S obviously stands for SPORT! New for the 1964 model was also the color "Golden Yellow" (color code 84).

We can now present a Volvo Amazon 122 Sport from1964, painted in the color Golden Yellow. This car was delivered new on the 18th of September 1963 to the "Foreman" Paul Eklund, living in Värmland,Sweden.
The car only has two previous owners since new, both of them living in the same municipality in Sweden. In recent years this Volvo 122 S has undergone a careful and well-documented renovation. Therefore the the car today is in a wonderful condition! The car comes with numerus documents. Including the car's first original registration paper, instruction books, receipts and photos of the renovation. The car runs very well and is a true joy to drive.


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