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Mediterranean Blue

Volvo Amazon was launched as a successor to the successful Volvo PV and was significantly more modern in comparison with the PV. Safety thinking was high already at that time at Volvo, and Amazon already had brackets for seat belts as standard equipment at the premiere. In 1959, Volvo Amazon got the first series-produced car in the world with a three-point belt in the front seats as standard equipment, but as early as 1957, the model was prepared for a three-point belt, which could then be obtained as an option. The handbrake lever in Amazon was mounted to the left of the driver instead of between the seats. The reason is said to be that model versions were planned with a full sofa in the front seat and a steering wheel-mounted gear lever. Steering wheel gears were offered on some model years and not on all markets, but never became particularly popular. On the other hand, no model with a full front sofa ever came into production, which may have been due to the fact that it invites three people to sit in the front seat and the one in the middle would in that case lack a seat belt. Volvo Amazon was manufactured until the summer of 1970. The price for this model was by then 17,100 Swedish kronor.

Our example painted in the color "Mediterranean Blue" (# 99) was delivered new on 27 August 1970 to an Olle Jönsson in Stöde, Sweden The car seats are upholstered in Blue (# 435-637). Much of the car is original but upholstery for the driver 's seat and sofa has been replaced. Also floor mats and dashboard. The car comes with a bunch of documentation. 


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