The Saab Sport was a special model of the Saab 96 launched in 1962 as a replacement for the Saab GT750.

This was the first time Saab's gran turismo wagon was sold in Sweden as the GT750 was never sold in Sweden the official way. It had the same body as the Saab 96 but different interior and equipment. On the outside, the difference compared to the standard 96 was the double chrome stripes along the lower part of the body, the extra lights and the different hubcaps. The engine was an 841 cubic centimeter three-cylinder two-stroke engine with a Solex carburettor per cylinder producing 52 horsepower. The engine was lubricated via a separate oil tank, which meant that there was no need to manually mix oil into the petrol (as on the standard model). The gearbox had four gears. The Saab Sport also had front disc brakes, which was unusual at the time. The rims were four-bolt instead of five-bolt as on the standard 96.

In the US market, for example, the wagon was called GT850 (analogous to the previous 750), but after Saab's success in the Monte Carlo rally, the designation was changed to Monte Carlo 850 from 1964.

The Sport model changed in parallel with the regular Saab 96. Notably, the tuned engine disappeared with the introduction of the four-stroke engine to the 1967 model year. The model was now called the Monte Carlo V4 and only differed from the standard model in terms of equipment.

Our example is a fine SAAB 96 that has been rebuilt into a Sport Replica in Rally design. Under the hood you will find 53 lively horses and the cabin is equipped with a roll cage. This particular example with an exciting ownership history is from 1962, painted in the color "Iceland Blue". The car comes complete with vehicle book and FIA Passport. Which makes the car ready for exciting rally competitions.


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