96 Monte Carlo



Gear Stick


Torreador Red

The Monte Carlo 850 is a two + two-seater two-door front-wheel drive covered sports car. The engine is a three-cylinder, liquid-cooled two-stroke engine with a separate lubrication system. The gearbox is four-speed and the car has a brake system of the two-circuit type with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The electrical system has a twelve volt voltage. The suspension system consists of coil springs both front and rear. The equipment includes anti-theft protection in the form of a gear lever lock. The design is approved by the Swedish authority.
The presentation above is taken from the SAAB 850 Monte Carlo's instruction manual.

The SAAB 96 was manufactured between 1960-1980 and the model 850 Monte Carlo was created as a tribute to Erik Carlsson's success in the Monte Carlo rally.

We can now present a rare fine example of the SAAB 96 Monte Carlo 850. The car is close enough to original condition with original paint in Torreador Red. The car was delivered new by ANA Motor in Karlstad, Sweden 1966-02-10 to a "Mr. Matsson", also living in Karlstad. The car was assigned registration number "S 37588". The car is in fantastic condition and runs like a dream in both engine and gearbox. The car comes with a lot of documentation. Such as Instruction manual and "fully stamped" service book 


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