911 - 964
Carrera 4


By the end of the eighties, the 911 model had been in production for almost a quarter of a century. The development had stalled, as Porsche (in vain) tried to get its customers to choose the intended successors 924 and 928 instead. But customers' preference for the 911 forced Porsche to invest in the old tail motor car again. The changes were so extensive that the new car got a new model number, 964, but the 911 name was now so established that it had to keep up with the marketing.

On the outside, Porsche contented itself with a slight update, with integrated bumpers and a rear spoiler on the engine cover that folded out when the car picked up speed. This provided better stability at higher speeds, which was needed because the body's improved aerodynamics gave higher top speeds than previous models.

But under the body, the 964 was largely newly constructed. Here, Porsche took advantage of the experience from the supercar 959. The car got new wheel suspensions with coil springs. The engine was enlarged to 3.6 liters and fitted with double ignition. For the first time, a 911 model received modern features such as power steering and ABS brakes. It could also be delivered with a modern automatic gearbox, called Tiptronic.

The first 964 version presented, in the fall of 1988, was four-wheel drive. The system was simpler than on the Porsche 959, but made the 964 easier to drive than its representative. In addition, it diluted the 911 model's reputation as the sports car that can withstand everyday use all year round. The Porsche 964 was introduced in the autumn of 1988 as the four-wheel drive Carrera 4. In the spring of 1989, it was joined by the rear-wheel drive Carrera 2, which succeeded the older 911. Both versions were made with three different bodies: coupe, targa and convertible.

Our example is a 964 Carrera 4 in Cabriolet design. This Porsche is in incredibly fine condition with only 10,000 Swedish miles on the odometer. Equipped with the fantastic color combination Indischrot (Guards red) exterior and black leather interior. This car was ordered from the factory with lavish, electric sports seats with red keder strips. The car was delivered new in Helsingborg, Sweden on April the 24th, 1990 and has since then been well taken care of. The car comes with a lot of documentation. 

PRICE: 795.000sek

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