OPELS Kadett B was released in 1966 and had then grown in all directions, but was based mainly on the same technology as its predecessor. All Kadett B had transverse springs at the front, the 1966 and 1967 models had leaf springs at the rear, the 1968 to 1973 model was equipped with coil springs, except for the Caravan which was allowed to keep the leaf springs. An odd version was called Olympia, and was a slightly more luxurious version than the Kadett, but apart from the decoration and engines, it was identical to the Kadett. Larger engines also came. The standard was now 1100, but also 1500, 1700 and later also 1900 cc in the popular Rally-Kadett version. The large engine of 90 horses, gave the Rally Cadet good performance, and they were used extensively in
In the 1970 RAC Rally, Opel's Rally Kadette came second, third and fourth, with a great OPEL team consisting of the Swedes: Bus-Ove Eriksson, Lillebror Nasenius and Janne "Satan" Henriksson in the lead. 

We can now present a rare example of the 1970 OPEL Kadette Rallye 1900. The car was delivered new by General Motors in Stockholm to Aktiebolaget Bröderna Karlge in Jönköping on March the 13th, 1970.
In total, the car has only had 3 documented owners. Much of the car is untouched and it is noticeable that previous owners have cared for and taken care of the car. 
The car comes with a lot of documentation. Such as manuals and inspection protocols.
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PRICE: 375.000sek

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* We do everything we can to provide as accurate information as possible about our cars. However, we must reserve ourselves for any typos regarding the car's equipment and number of miles driven.