Moto Morini was founded by Alfonso Morini in Bologna in 1937. Initially, Moto Morini only manufactured tricycles. This is because tricycles at that time were low-taxed, a driver's license was also not necessary and they cost a third of what a smaller car. Value for money and good performance are gradually beginning to give the new company in Bologna a good reputation. They therefore also started to manufacture two-wheeled motorcycles, which immediately became very popular.

During the 1960s and a bit into the 70s, Moto Monini began manufacturing two new models of 50 cubic mopeds. "Dollaro" and "Corsarino" (the little pirate).
These mopeds were mainly manufactured for the Italian market. But in recent years has become a hotly coveted moped model worldwide.
The Corsarino was manufactured in a few different designs.
The base model was called "Z" and was equipped with a double seat. The "ZT" model which was a bit sportier and equipped for a bit more "offroad" driving. Then there was also "ZZ". In short Supersport! 

Our example of the Moto Morini Corsarino, is in a ZT design and in fantastic condition! This moped has undergone a complete renovation by one of Italy's foremost moped renovators. The moped also comes with a certificate in its original, dated 1966.


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