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In 1965, a Volvo PV 544 Sport could be yours for SEK 13,629. Lots of money at that time. But with a PV in Sport Execution, you got a whole 5hp more under the hood. This is thanks to the new camshaft and the new S-Tires, with a larger dimension. In the same year, the Safari rally was also won by a Volvo 544.

This fine example painted in dark blue (color code 90) was delivered new on the 20th of December 1965, to Engineer Bertil Lundberg in Gothenburg. Bertil then owned the car for 25 years, who then sold it to a new owner living close by, in the town of Partille, in the year 1990. The latest owner has owned the car for the past 18 years and during this time has only driven the car 1200 km. 

During the year 2000, all screens were replaced and rusted. The interior of the car then also got a new roof.
In 2019, all carpets were replaced with original textile carpets. The PV then also got new tires and brakes. In 2021, the front chairs were fitted with new upholstery in original colors. However, the rear seat is upholstered in its original upholstery. The car runs very well in the engine and generates true driving pleasure! 


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* We do everything we can to provide as accurate information as possible about our cars. However, we must reserve ourselves for any typos regarding the car's equipment and number of miles driven.