Volvo had previously built the sports car Volvo Sport with the internal designation P1900, but it was with the P1800 that they achieved success with the sports car concept. Volvo consultant and project manager Helmer Petterson was the driving force behind the creation of the project. The car was designed by Helmer Petterson's son Pelle Petterson, who at the time was a trainee at the Italian design company Frua in Turin. The company had been started by Pietro Frua (1913-83) just before World War II, and Frua had a hand in the creation of the P1800. His sixties cars had exactly that typically Italian and sculptural elegance, which also characterizes the P1800.

The P1800 model gained wide popularity through the British TV series the Saint, where Roger Moore drove a white P1800 with the registration number ST 1, where ST apparently stands for Simon Templar (St is also short for Saint or Helgon in Swedish).

In 1966, Crown Prince Carl Gustaf received a light blue P1800 - with spoked rims and black leather seats - from Volvo's PR manager Hans Blenner and Folke Brigård. This was his first car of his own and the registration number was AA 1515. He also became an honorary member of the P1800 club.

The Volvo P1800 S was manufactured between August 1968 and July 1969. On the S model a new B20B engine was added and on left-hand drive wagons the classic twin SU carburetors were replaced with Zenith Stromberg carburetors. The car was also equipped with triangular split two-circuit brakes from the 140 series, modified clutch and rear axle transmission. 

Our example is a Volvo P1800 S from 1969. The car was sold new to Miss Lizzie Seth in Skåne on April 17, 1969. The car was renovated in 2019. It was completely dismantled before repainting. At the same time, the engine was also renovated and a new exhaust system was installed. All rubber strips were replaced at the same time as the windshield. At the same time, the front and rear undercarriage and brakes were also renovated. The car has driven about 500 miles after this renovation. The engine is also drilled to a B20 of 2.2 liters. 

PRICE: 395.000SEK

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