123 GT



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Volvo Amazon was launched as a successor to the successful Volvo PV and was significantly more modern in comparison with the PV. The Amazon came in October 1961 in a two-door version and in a five-door version (station wagon) in February 1962. There was also a rapid demand for a sportier version of the Volvo Amazon. To meet these requirements, Volvo launched a GT version of the 120 series. The new car was named Volvo 123GT and was equipped with the Volvo B18B engine with an output of 115hp. In addition to this, the car received an extensive range of special equipment. 
Vi kan nu presentera ett  fint exemplar av Volvos åtråvärda 123GT . Bilen är lackerad Mörkgrön lack (färgkod 94) med brun klädsel (425-552). Detta är ett väl omhändertaget exemplar vi har tagit hem från Tyskland, där den såldes ny 1968.


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