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The Volvo 140 series was presented on the 17th of August, 1966 with the Volvo 144 model simultaneously in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. Production of the 140 series started on the 19th of August 1966, and the first series-produced car was a black Volvo 144 that rolled off the belt at Torslandaverken with Volvo's then CEO Gunnar Engellau behind the wheel. The same year that production started, the Volvo 144 was named Car of the Year in Sweden. During the summer of 1967, the 142 model was presented. The last edition of the 142 came in 1974. This year the Volvo 142 was updated with:

  • New thick bumpers with very good shock absorption capacity.
  • New Rear mirrors
  • The ventilation windows in the front doors was removed.
  • The fuel tank is moved to a more protected location.
  • H4 headlights become standard on all models.
  • Headlight Wipers
  • Warning lamp for broken light bulb.
  • Electrically heated driver's seat (no switch).
  • The seats get a different frame, including a different control for the seat backrest.
  • The B20E engine gets Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system.

    We can now present a really nice and well-preserved example of Volvo's 142 De Luxe from 1974. Painted in the color "Cypress green" (# 110). The car was sold new by AM's Bilaktiebolag in Trånas, Sweden the 10th of May 1974 to a Mr Per Karlsson in Skogstuna, Sweden. The car has only has 150,000km on the odometer and is carefully restored and maintained. The car comes with a lot of documentation and books, such as original receipts and letters of purchase from when the car was new.


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