At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1973, the BMW 2002 Turbo was shown to the public for the first time. This car would soon to be Europe's first mass-produced car with a turbo engine. The launch took place in the middle of one of the world's worst oil crises with rising fuel prices as a result of petrol shortages. This led to the introduction of car-free days and speed limits on the autobahn in Germany. The first BMW 2002 Turbo left the factory in October 1973. But already after 18 months in June 1975, BMW chose to stop production of this model. In total, only 1,672 BMW 2002 Turbos were produced. This has led to this particular BMW model being highly sought after by car collectors. 
We can now proudly present a Swedish-sold example of this unique car. This car is in good condition with only a few owners. It was manufactured on April the 4th, 1975 and delivered to "Bil AB Gustaf Nilsson" in Karlshamn, Sweden on the 11th of April the same year. When this BMW 2002 Turbo was delivered to Sweden, the car came without the model-typical front sticker in the spoiler. The emblem was simply not approved by the car inspection, but was sent loose for the owner to mount it himself at his own risk. 
The car is painted in Carmonix White paint (#85). The car is in good condition and pretty much untouched. 
1975/07/10 – 1985/02/19:
Mr Thorstensson in Olofström, Sweden
1985/02/19 – 2000/08/29
Mr Zetterlind in Nora, Sweden
2000/08/29 – 2021/12/13
Mr Hallberg in Almunge, Sweden
This car comes with a lot of documentation and books. 


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